Tv Spot

Assistance in optimizing the quality-price ratio of audiovisual production has always been the core business at The Producer International.


The Producer International has introduced procedural rules in a field which was previously poorly organized, ensuring projects are managed to obtain the highest quality at the right price.


The Producer International provides consultancy services for events, optimizing project costs according to deadlines and guaranteeing the highest quality standards.


More and more businesses make significant investments to guarantee their presence on the internet. To support this, The Producer International offers Cost&Quality consultancy services in the Internet e Digital media sector.

Creative Agencies

Scouting and Contract

By scouting and mapping the agency market and ensuring the relevant “certification” The Producer International can assist companies when it comes to getting the best value for money from the creative agencies’ fees.

Talents & Rights

Scouting, direct negotiations and overseeing general contractual terms and conditions for testimonials, photographers, songwriters, composers, musicians, actors, models, speakers, voice talents, web influencers, illustrators and graphic designers.


tel: +39 02 5525324 - fax: +39 02 5525324
Via Evangelista Torricelli 7 - 20136 Milano [Mi]
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The teaching offered by TPI
focuses on technical and production processes in advertising and on an analysis and understanding of costs in order to prepare businesses to conduct negotiations with parties entitled to fees or rights and to manage criticalities when allocating the production budget. Read more...


We managed 30 mln euros
of production budget for
more than 25 brand,
we operate in over 30 countries
in 5 continents,
ensuring 24 hours availability.

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